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Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique is a remedial therapy that uses gentle pressure on specific points along the muscles to encourage the body to heal itself.  Bowen is one of the best therapies for treating physical injuries, as well as one of the best to encourage overall relaxation and relief of muscle tension.  During our busy everyday lives we are subjected to a multitude of stresses that can be overwhelming to our system.  By triggering the body at certain points, we can boost the body's ability to manage this stress.

Bowen can be helpful in managing various conditions and is a superior therapy in relieving pain from injuries, sore or overused muscles, or inflammatory diseases such as arthritis.  Since it is so gentle, it is an ideal therapy for someone with a systemic pain disorder, such as fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, or those that are not comfortable with traditional massage. It also strengthens the immune system and can aid in maintaining general good health and vitality.  Bowen is a very gentle therapy that can contribute to a feeling of physical and emotional well-being.  It acts not only on the muscular structure but on releasing the fascia, or connective tissue, to bring the body back into alignment.  Clients should experience a reduction in symptoms, an increase in energy and a feeling of overall balance. 

Bowen is very different from other therapies, which is clear from the first session.  The Bowen movement is done by using thumbs or fingers to perform a rolling movement on soft tissue points to stimulate healing in those areas.  In between movements, the client is left for two or more minutes at a time to allow the body and the nervous system to process and integrate the information it has received.  During these rest periods, the client may feel a release or shifting in the tissues of the body.  For some, there is an immediate decrease in pain or symptoms, while for others it may take a few hours or days for changes to be felt.  The effects of Bowen Technique will continue for up to a week following the treatment, however, as the body continues its healing process.  When using Bowen Technique to address a particular issue, it is best to start with a 3 session series.  This technique can have drastic effects on managing a number of different conditions.

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Bowen Techniqe Session    -    60-75 minutes                    $65
3 Session Introductory Special                                       $180
Bowen for Ages Infant-12   -   30-40 minutes                    $35