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Grigorian Method®

Grigorian Method® is a treatment focusing on the human skeleton and improving joint health.  This treatment uses a combination of joint mobilization, range of motion and pressure points upon a relaxed, passive client.  It can reduce restrictions and increase flexibility in the joint.  Set to music, this flowing therapy forms a bond of trust between the client and the therapist.  This technique can be helpful in decreasing pain experienced associated with inflammatory conditions, as well as maintaining proper joint health.  This treatment can be done fully clothed or incorporated into a therapeutic massage.

This method works directly on the joints of the body.  The therapist uses range of motion in a flowing, relaxing manner to create space in the joints.  This allows for more lubrication in the joint capsule, which can increase the ease of motion.  By moving the limbs of the body through their maximum range of motion, this technique can reduce restrictions in range of motion.  This is also a great preventative for inflammatory conditions.  A full body session will start with the legs and move up the body, and by the end of the session you will feel loose and relaxed.

Grigorian Method®  -  60 to 90 minutes            $90